Do your employees improve their job performance after completing a training program?  How will you know?

A strategic approach gives better insight.

We’re experts in developing engaging training programs that improve performance.

We’ll help you improve employee performance by uncovering gaps in training quality, alignment of desired outcomes, course content, training objectives, and employee access to training.


The foundation of a talent development strategy is identifying the right competencies for the right roles. ATG will identify the differentiating behaviors that will truly create higher performance. A competency model will provide clear guidance on each role, enabling employees to understand the skills, knowledge and attributes that are required to increase organizational effectiveness and their professional development.  It helps organizations identify important learning needs gaps that will enable greater performance.

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We work closely with organizations to create a comprehensive learning development strategy that delivers the quality and depth of learning that your business requires for all levels of employees.

Using our unique learning framework, we offer a full suite of learning solutions – learning strategy, instructional design and course development, and learning evaluation (how well the program improved skills or behavior).

We identify the gaps between current and desired performance, develop targeted learning plans and design the necessary training programs that will allow your people to go further.

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instructional design

Good instructional design is audience-focused and objectives-driven. The role of an instructional designer is to take the most important information about a particular topic and package it in a way that will engage the intended audience and make the information memorable. Learning and measurable behavior change occur as a result of using scientific methods and applying psychological principles of how the brain functions in today’s high-tech, distraction-heavy environment.

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LEARNING evaluation

Focusing on learning development for all employees and levels of management, we design comprehensive learning evaluations to ensure your company’s talent development strategies are effective, meet your company’s objectives, and create a high-performance culture.

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