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Accelerated Talent Group

We are experts in interpersonal dynamics, leadership development, corporate learning programs, and individual & team coaching.

With ATG, You’ll Go Further.


The ROI Of Coaching

Your People are your only real sustainable competitive advantage. The business benefits of coaching are clear:

  • 20% increase in productivity
  • 31% increase in team performance
  • 52% reduction in burnout
  • 60% increase in 5-year revenue growth

Coaching is not only the right thing to invest in for your BUSINESS, it’s the right thing to invest in for your PEOPLE.

Are Your Leaders Engaging Their Teams?

Managers at all levels need to engage their teams through regular, real-time coaching, not just through annual performance reviews.

A study by Bersin showed that organizations with senior leaders who coach effectively and frequently improve their business results by 21 percent as compared to those who never coach.

A coaching culture is key to productivity and success.  Are You Ready?


Does Your Organization Have A Gender Leadership Gap?

Companies may recognize the need for female leadership but they must do more to transform their leadership cultures in order to attract women aspiring to senior roles. According to a survey by The Rockefeller Foundation:

  • Just 34% of organizations put a high priority on having women in leadership positions.
  • 25% say there are no women in leadership positions at their current workplace.
  • 83% say there is a lack of support from mentors in securing top positions.
  • And 75% agreed there was a lack of access to personal connections that men have for their career development.

The barriers, subtle and obvious, are keeping women from the table, and organizations from transforming.   It’s time to change.  Are You Ready?

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